Adornment Policy

At SUNY Poly and many other campuses, it is traditional to decorate commencement regalia with specific adornments signifying that a specific honor or recognition has been achieved. Exceptional academic achievement and/or contribution to the advancement of the institution may be rewarded with appropriate decoration for commencement regalia, and must be submitted for prior approval.

Application Process

Students should complete an adornment request form that has required fields for complete details, including the reason for the request, the impact the organization had on SUNY Poly, and requirements that qualify individuals to receive the organization’s adornment. Students also must submit details for the types and colors of adornment requested, along with sample text that may be used in commencement materials.


Request Adornments


The specific contributions to the campus should be carefully described and documented. It is necessary that the proposed honor is above and beyond normal contributions and expectations, and truly deserving to be evaluated and acknowledged with a regalia decoration. Adornment signifying clubs, organizations, or societies is not allowed without prior application approval of their academic achievement.

Requests for adornment for the 2024 commencement must be submitted by March 29, 2024. The Provost will approve or deny the request by April 12.


Funding for honors adornment—including the process of identifying funding sources, as well as ordering and distributing adornments—is the responsibility of the individual student, honor society, or the SUNY Poly recognized organization.

Honor Societies

National academic honor societies, veteran honor societies, and scholars’ programs have prescribed cords and stoles that may be worn. For these perpetual honors, a request or approval to recognize is not required, if the individual belongs to such entities.

* This Adornment Policy is to be considered as an Interim Adornment Policy, until a permanent Provost is appointed; at which time this policy and pertaining processes may be reviewed for future implementation. Any questions regarding this policy shall be directed to the Provost’s Office.


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