Citibank VISA Procurement Card

Procurement Card - Overview
The Citibank VISA Purchasing Card offers the State University of New York campuses an alternative procurement method when making small dollar purchases. The program as implemented at SUNY is known as the Procurement Card. The program is intended to afford SUNY campuses the opportunity to streamline their local procedures and controls for procuring goods and services. Proper use of the Procurement Card can reduce the time between requesting, ordering, and actual receipt of goods and services. Additionally, the Procurement Card program reduces the volume of accounts payable transactions and the associated administrative costs by eliminating supplier invoices and consolidating multiple supplier payments into one monthly voucher payment to the Office of the State Comptroller.

Operation of the SUNY program follows the basic New York State Procurement card SUNY guidelines as established by the Office of General Services. New York State is liable for authorized charges made using the card. Procurement cards must be used for “official” SUNY purchases only. Use of the card for personal items, cash advances and business travel expenses are not permitted. Use of the Procurement Card is limited to items/transactions set by the director of business affairs, typically $2,500 or less (excluding freight). All shipments are to be delivered to central receiving and forwarded to the designated requestor. The designated cardholder will then reconcile the charges monthly on his/her procurement card in the SUNY Procurement Card System.

Application for Procurement Card
Procurement cards will be issued to individuals who are given the appropriate purchasing authority. The cards are issued with the name of the cardholder and SUNY Poly embossed on the card. Cardholders must sign an employee agreement form prior to obtaining the Procurement Card. Training will be provided for all persons receiving a Procurement Card. This training will cover the use of the Procurement Card consistent with New York State policy, as well as SUNY campus purchasing practices. Training must be completed prior to issuance of the card. The purchasing associate or the director of business affairs can answer questions regarding the use of a procurement card.

A cardholder may use the Procurement Card for the purchase of materials, supplies, or services directly with a vendor when the order meets the following criteria: The item is not on the restricted list. The total amount of the order does not exceed your transaction limit, typically $500. Department funds must be available for the orders to be called in, entered online at secure web sites, faxed, or mailed to vendors. Goods may be picked up or delivered direct to the requesting cardholder. All freight charges, if applicable, must be added by the vendor to the original invoice.

The Procurement Card may not be used for the following without prior approval from the purchasing associate: air conditioners, space heaters, carpeting, computer hardware, computer software, refreshments, most meals, alcohol, flowers, hazardous chemicals, or to pay a State University of New York employee. Individual orders should not exceed the transaction limit of the card, hence items purchased separately that when purchased together would exceed the transaction limit is called split ordering and is not permitted; when a written agreement (other than the Procurement Card charge form) needs to be signed by a representative of SUNY Poly. Contracted services already under a negotiated agreement (e.g. maintenance agreements, contracted services from an individual); rental of space; equipment leases, insurance, reimbursable and personal expenses including travel (airfare, gasoline, etc.), hotel accommodations, entertainment, meals, and other out of pocket expenses; items stocked in Central Stores; or orders requiring advance payment are prohibited. If in doubt, contact the purchasing associate.

For more information about the Citibank VISA Procurement Card contact The purchasing office is located in Kunsela Hall, Room A237.


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