Instructional Resources - Video Production

The Instructional Resources Center is equipped for studio or on location video production. We provide full electronic editing for postproduction as needed. Because of the number of staff involved in a video production, requests for services should be made three weeks prior to the videotaping date. When a request is made, we will evaluate the needs of the production. The seven formats currently available are: Digital, DVD, Mini-DV, 1/2 inch VHS, and SVHS.

Video format conversion to/from NTSC (American worldwide TV standard) to any other standard worldwide is available on VHS tape only. There is a one week turnaround time and a $15 charge per tape for the service. The requestor must also supply a blank 1/2 inch VHS videotape.

Any requests for duplication of videotapes of copyrighted material must be accompanied by a letter from the copyright holder, authorizing duplication. No duplication will be done without proper authorization.


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