AED Locations


Academic / Administration Buildings
Campus Center  
1st Floor Lower Lobby Near Announcement Board
2nd Floor Upper Lobby Near Doors to Running Track
(1st Floor) (During Basketball Season - Field House Athletic Trainer Room unit used)
Cayan Library  
Near Front Entrance Near Circulation Desk / Office Entrance
Donovan Hall  
Ground Floor South - Near G-145
Ground Floor North - Near G-244
1st Floor South - Near 1142
1st Floor North - Near 1242
2nd Floor Main Central Hallway - Near 2105
Main Building Mechanical Shop by Door to Garage
Main Building Break Room
Field House  
1st Floor Main Lobby
2nd Floor By Fitness Center
2nd Floor North Entrance
Kunsela Hall  
Ground Floor Near Restrooms / Vending Machines
1st Floor C-Wing - Near Restrooms
1st Floor Outside Bookstore
1st Floor University Police - B-128 (No public access)
2nd Floor Near B-206
2nd Floor C-Wing - Near Restrooms
Student Center  
1st Floor Main Lobby - Near Student Activities / Campus Life Office
2nd Floor Lounge / Vending Area Near 211
Dormitories / Residence Halls  
Adirondack Hall  
Straight Section (South) South Laundry Foyer
Straight Section (North) North Laundry Foyer
Mohawk Hall  
Straight Section Residential Life Office / Mailroom Foyer
Oriskany Hall  
1st Floor Main Lobby
2nd Floor East Wing Near Room R-236
2nd Floor West Wing Near Room R-266
3rd Floor Elevator Lobby

All AED units are Powerheart G3 Plus Automatic AED


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