Nicole Neu-Baker

Nicole Neu-Baker

Nicole Neu-Baker
Research Associate for NanoHealth Initiatives


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Professional Background

  • Professional Certification in Public Health (CPH) since 2010
  • Senior Laboratory Technician, Division of Human Toxicology and Molecular Epidemiology, Wadsworth Center: 2010-2012


  • MPH (Biomedical Sciences), University at Albany School of Public Health
  • BA (Psychology and Neuroscience), Ithaca College


As a Research Associate for NanoHealth Initiatives, Ms. Neu-Baker coordinates a research portfolio that focuses on occupational and environmental health and safety, and facilitates nanomedicine collaborations, programs, and activities. Her work includes conducting field and laboratory research in occupational health, exposure assessment, and nanotoxicology. She works closely with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to address emerging occupational health and safety concerns with regard to engineered nanomaterials currently used by industry. Additionally, in collaboration with NIOSH, she evaluated the utility of hyperspectral microscopy as a rapid screening method for the identification of nanoparticulate in filter samples collected during occupational exposure assessments.


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Neu-Baker NM, Smith D, Segrave A, Beach J, Zurbenko IG, Dunn K, Brenner SA. Protecting the nanotechnology workforce: a new protocol for characterization of filter-captured nanomaterials from occupational exposure assessments. TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo Proceedings 2017.

Neu-Baker NM, Eastlake AC, Brenner SA. Developing a rapid screening method for direct visualization of nanoparticles captured on filter media during occupational exposure assessments. TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo Proceedings 2017.

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