Reopening Information - Community + Visitors

As the fall 2020 semester begins, our top priority continues to be the safety and wellness of the SUNY Poly community. We have created this webpage to serve as a guide for you as you return to campus. We will continue to update this page with the best available information.Note that these guidelines are subject to change based upon future guidance or mandates from SUNY or New York State.


SUNY Poly will not host in-person events that are open to the public during the fall 2020 semester. Large event spaces typically used for large gatherings and activities will be used to support core academic activities. Co-curricular gatherings and student organization meetings require participants to wear face coverings. All departments and programs are encouraged to host virtual events. Campus events that cannot be done virtually or within applicable federal, state and local social distancing guidelines will be postponed to a time when guidance permits these types of events.

Student Affairs is establishing a working group involving Residential Life/Student Involvement, Facilities, Athletics, and the Student Government (SGU, USGA, GSGA) to develop virtual student life events, student club meetings, and activities. Some small gatherings of clubs and their members will be scheduled during the fall semester to augment the largely virtual club meetings and events.


Last Updated: Fri, August 14 2020 at 12:49 PM

Visitor Policy

SUNY Poly discourages non-essential visitors from accessing campus to enter buildings and meet with or interact with students, faculty, and staff. Virtual visits and appointments should be used to transact business whenever possible. Visitors will not be allowed in the residence halls. Those who must make in-person visits (deliveries, inspections, contractors, etc.) will be required to be pre-screened, wear masks, and practice social distancing.

Last Updated: Fri, August 14 2020 at 12:45 PM

Intercollegiate Athletics

The fall semester athletics schedule is still to be determined based upon NCAA, state and local governance guidelines. The SUNY Poly Athletics Department is working with the North Atlantic Conference (NAC) to identify various scheduling models and safety protocols to safely resume competitive sports. At this time, attendance at athletics events will be limited to participants, game management and institutional personnel.

Last Updated: Fri, August 14 2020 at 12:45 PM

COVID-19 Testing for Students

  • At the Utica location, a discrete testing site is in the process of being identified.
  • Wellness Center staff will assess, test, and provide medical guidance for students who report COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Initial assessment will occur through a phone triage process. All students who call the Wellness Center for an illness will be asked specific COVID-19-related questions. Pre-appointment information, including medical insurance, will be obtained from the student.
  • Students that report COVID-19 like symptoms are referred to the medical clinical staff to determine the need for testing. When needed, students will be provided an appointment for testing and/or informed of off-campus testing sites.
  • Any test by medical staff will follow CDC/LCHD COVID-19 Policies and Procedures for:
    • Viral testing to diagnose active disease (PCR test)
    • Antibody testing to confirm previous infection (blood sample)  
  • In full personal protective equipment (PPE), the medical staff will obtain the specimen and make arrangements for processing, including transportation.
  • Specimens may be sent to LabCorp, a NYSDOH-approved laboratory, or done via a CLIA waived rapid test under the auspices of the Limited Laboratory Services of Wadsworth Center.
  • For tests submitted to LabCorp, students will complete and sign LabCorp's specimen submission form, including health insurance, which will be billed by LabCorp.
  • All county laboratories, including LabCorp, are mandated to report positive COVID-19 test results to LCHD.
  • Students will be encouraged to utilize their campus address for testing. This will allow the LCHD to be notified with results and subsequently shared with the Wellness Center.
  • Utilizing electronic screening forms and testing results, the campus will provide consistent data to the LCHD, allowing for early detection of potential spikes in positive cases. Mohawk Valley area campuses are also working closely and cooperatively with the area hospitals and LCHD to monitor for increases across the region.


Last Updated: Fri, August 14 2020 at 12:46 PM

Campus and Local Communities

Efforts are underway to establish communication protocols with Oneida and Albany County Health Departments (LCHD) regarding planning efforts and response to any COVID+ employees, students, and tenants. These communications will ensure the proper and quick handling of suspected and positive COVID cases that may impact our communities. SUNY Poly Wellness Center, EHS, and HR will all work with the LCHD as needed.

Communications with the campus community regarding proper behaviors (e.g. masks, social distancing, hygiene, etc.) when in public (Town) will be part of continuous education. SUNY Poly will reach out to the entire SUNY Poly community including faculty, staff, residential students, as well as non-residential/commuter students living in the surrounding area.

As a service to the community, should the LCHD desire to provide testing or vaccination activities, the campus will work closely with associated agencies (e.g. Red Cross, National Guard) to assist as needed.

Key contacts include:

  • Albany County/Oneida County Health Department
  • New York State Department of Health – COVID Hotline
  • Mohawk Valley Regional Control Room/Capital Region Regional Control Room


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