SUNY Poly's Day of Giving

What is Day of Giving?
On Thursday, April 16, SUNY Poly alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and friends will rally together to make a difference for SUNY Poly and our students. We will ask you to step forward and embrace this effort with incredible enthusiasm, helping us set new records for, not only the dollars raised, but also the number of donors to support our students and programs.

We Are All SUNY Poly reflects the unbelievable pride we have in SUNY Poly’s mission and demonstrates our united commitment to the College’s future.

On this day, your contribution has an even bigger impact than usual because you are joining a collective effort to support SUNY Poly. It doesn’t take a big investment to make a big difference. No matter the size, your gift matters! It matters because you have the belief, commitment and desire to be an active part of the college’s future.

Where will the money go?
Proceeds from this year’s Day of Giving will support student scholarships and the Emergency Fund. Both efforts provide students with resources they need to reach their full potential.

Scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated strong academic ability and assists in attracting the best and brightest students as we face increasing competition for enrollment.

The Emergency Fund helps students who are experiencing unforeseen financial hardships due to situations such as homelessness or threat of eviction, medical emergency, domestic violence or loss of employment to name a few.

Please check back often as additional information about how you can get involved will be posted periodically as we get closer to our Day of Giving.




Thank you for your generous support!

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