Employee Telephone Services

SUNY Poly Telephone Procedures
SUNY Poly maintains and administers its own NEC PBX. The telephone and voicemail system is administered by the ITS department.

Dialing Instructions

On Campus Calls
Dial the last four digits of the telephone number

Local and Long Distance Calls within the 315 Area Code
Business - Dial "8", "1-315", then dial the complete seven-digit telephone number.

Long Distance Calls Outside the 315 Area Code
Business - Dial "8", then "1", the area code, then the seven digit telephone number.

Calls Not Permitted from Campus Phones
Any collect, third number billing, or operator assisted calls are not permitted from campus phones.

Problem Calls - Call Trace
If you receive any obscene, harassing or threatening calls, do not say anything and calmly hang up the phone. Perform a call trace by immediately picking up the handset and dialing # * 7 then notify University Police at ext. 7106. If you do not react to the callers, they will usually stop. Do not talk about the call with people you know. Chances are the caller is an acquaintance and may be encouraged by your anxiety.

Telephone Features

(Additional helpful features)

Call Transfer directly to party’s Voice Mail Box

  • On Digital/Display Phones: To transfer a call, press transfer button, dial 7820 then party’s extension number then dial #
  • On Analog/Non Display Phones: To Transfer a call, depress Flash key (hang up key), dial 7820 then party’s extension number then dial #

Speed Dial
Digital/Display Phones only:
To program speed dial. Press feature. Press any unlabeled button on your phone. Then enter number of party you wish to program in. Then press feature button and watch display. It will say "Speed Set” when complete. To use, press button you programmed and your call will be completed to the party you programmed in.

Digital/Display Phones only:
Press redial button on phone and observe display, continue to press redial button until you see the number of the party you wish to call appear. Press star * and the call will be completed.

NEC UM8700 Voice Mail System

For Voice Mail Set up on your Campus Extension, please follow these instructions:

  • Dial 7820
  • At the sound of the greeting, press * # to access messages or enter 1234 if asked for security code immediately.
  • Enter your extension number
  • When prompted for a security code, use default 1234

Continue to follow the prompts to complete the setup.If you experience problems, please submit a Help Desk ticket to helpdesk.sunyit.

Access Messages/edit vmail box
Administrative voicemail boxes can be reached by dialing 7820 from on campus. From off campus dial 792-7820 and enter *# during greeting and then enter your campus mailbox number (extension number) and then your security code (voice mail password).

Telephone Conferencing

There are two types of Conference Calls available on Campus.

  • Meet Me Conference up to eight parties.
  • Three-way Conference (Standard).

Meet Me Conference Feature
Eight party Conference availability. There are 8 pilot numbers available to complete a Meet Me Conference call with 7750 designated as Conference Leader :

  • 7750
  • 7751
  • 7752
  • 7753
  • 7754
  • 7755
  • 7756
  • 7757

The Conference Leader is the person who sets the time, contacts the parties that will be included and controls the conference call. When the Leader dials 0 no new parties can join the conference. When the Leader dials # sign all parties are disconnected.

Meet Me Conferences can be On Campus Parties only, or a combination of Off Campus and On Campus Parties up to eight persons.

On Campus only parties simply dial one of the pilot numbers to join the conference at the designated time.

For combination On and Off Campus Parties, the Off Campus Parties will call a designated Conference Leader on campus and this person will transfer the calls to the pilot numbers to join in the conference at the designated time.

Three-way Conference

  • With call in progress, ask party to hold.
  • Press transfer button, receive interrupted dial tone.
  • Dial desired number.
  • After call is answered, press conf. button, conf LED lights.
  • Three-way conference is established.
  • If one party hangs up, other two remain connected. Conf LED goes out.


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