Residential Student Telephone Services

The SUNY Poly ITS Telecommunications Office welcomes you to our campus community. We are dedicated to providing you quality service during your stay with us.

All individual bedroom phone jacks for phones are now disconnected and only living room suite phones are active. We will however make the following services available to residential students who request it. You can request these services by submitting an IT Support Ticket for work requests or by calling (315) 792-7440.

Telephone Number assignment/jack activation: You will be provided your own personal number activated in your assigned bedroom.

Phone activation: There is no activation fee. The top white jack has dial tone and is programmed for the personal phone number assigned to you. The campus does not provide telephones; you must bring your own phone. 

Voice Mail is included with your telephone services at no additional charge.

Local calls from the Resident Halls are free.


Call-Waiting Feature

  1. All student phones are equipped with a call-waiting feature. This feature allows the user to receive a second call while on the phone.
  2. While on the phone, a second call comes in
  3. The user will hear a beep
  4. To answer the second call, press the hook switch on your phone once
  5. If the second call is not answered, it will roll to voice mail

All students will have the ability to forward their calls as needed to another location 

To set forwarding

  1. Lift the receiver of the phone you wish to forward
  2. Dial "*1" and the number you are forwarding to
  3. You will hear a confirmation tone when forwarding is set

To cancel the forwarding
Lift the receiver of the phone you wish to cancel forwarding on and dial "#1"

Call Hold
Dial *2 to place a call on hold
Dial #2 to retrieve the call

After conversing, ask caller to hold
Press the hook switch once, dial destination station's extension, hang up or wait for answer

Call Trace (Capture)
This is a security feature that allows you to capture the caller's telephone number should you receive a harassing phone call.

To use:

  • After hanging up, pick up the handset and press #*7
    Report call to University Police immediately. The Telecom Office will retrieve information pertaining to the call.

Voice Mail

  • All students now have a voice mailbox which can be accessed from outside the SUNY Poly system
  • If you lift the receiver of your phone and hear "stutter dial tone", you have unplayed voice mail messages
  • Voice mail messages cannot be retrieved until your voice mailbox is set up

Setting up your Voice Mail

  • The system includes a tutorial that will walk you through setting up your voice mailbox
  • Follow the system prompts and complete all three parts before hanging up. You may be asked questions to which you will need to respond 1=Yes and 2=No
  • To start the tutorial - Dial ext. 3300 and dial the default security code "1234"

Record a name announcement - Say your first and last name 
Press * to stop the recording

Record a personal greeting - This is the message that callers will hear 
Press * to stop the recording

Enter a security code - Create a number, 3-10 digits long, to protect your mailbox

Accessing your Voice Mail

  1. From your phone - dial ext. 3300
  2. From another phone on campus - dial 3300 "*" XXXX (your extension) and "#"
  3. From outside campus - dial (315) 351-3300. Enter "*" XXXX (your extension) and "#".

Note: Faculty, staff and non-state users, dial ext. 7820 (on campus) OR 792-7820 (off campus) to set up or access voice mail.


Before calling for service regarding your telephone, please check the following:

Problem: No dial tone

  • Be sure your phone is plugged into the top white jack.
  • Check to be sure the phone cord is connected to the wall correctly
  • If you have a cordless phone, be sure the battery is charged. Use another phone to see if it works in the jack.

Problem: Cannot dial long distance areas

  • Wait until you hear the rapid tone after dialing the number before your enter your authorization code
  • Are you signed up with SUNY Poly Long Distance Services?
  • Are you using the correct authorization code associated with SUNY Poly Long Distance Services?
  • Are you using an outside long distance carrier?
  • Be sure your Telco Calling card is valid.

Problem: Cannot receive incoming calls

  • Verify your number. Is your ringer turned off? Is your ringer faulty?
  • Try a roommate's phone on your line.

Problem: Cannot dial out

  • Is your keypad faulty? Try a known working phone.
  • Is your phone set on pulse dialing instead of touch tone? Check on side of phone.


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