Library Dissertation Policy

Library Handling of Completed and Approved Dissertations

After your dissertation has earned departmental approval and collected the necessary signatures, three items must be submitted to the library:

  1.  A digital file of your dissertation:

  • in .pdf format, if it is a text document
  • for digital files in other formats, please contact the library via

  2.  A signed non-exclusive distribution license for your work to be archived in SUNY Poly's digital institutional repository [link to blank release]

  3.  An attestation page, with original signatures if possible, for at least one printed bound copy of your dissertation to be added to the library's collection  

If you and/or your college or department also wish for bound paper copies of your work, please complete the form [link to blank form] and the library will arrange for binding at your (or your college/department's) expense.

The library's mailing address is: Peter J. Cayan Library, SUNY Polytechnic Institute,100 Seymour Road, Utica, NY 13502.  Where appropriate, email can be used via our departmental email address.


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