Mental Measurements Yearbook

How to use the Mental Measurements Yearbook series

The Mental Measurement Yearbook series presents reviews of mental measurements, like tests and scales. Here are a few things to know about the series:

  • The library's collection of Mental Measurement Yearbooks is in Reference, near the Reference Desk on the first floor of the library. The series' call number is BF 431 .M549.
  • Each Yearbook is unique. Each yearbook covers only what is new since the last Yearbook.
  • A test or scale will be listed only once, in only one Yearbook. A test or scale will not be listed in another Yearbook unless it is changed or revised, and then it will be the changed or revised version that is reviewed in the other Yearbook.
  • Tests and scales are in alphabetic order throughout the book.
  • Each Yearbook has a "Classified Subject Index" near the back of the book. Check the Table of Contents in the front of each book to find the exact pages numbers of the subject index. Examples of subjects include Behavior Assessment, Intelligence and General Aptitude, Personality, and Vocations. If you are interested in seeing all the personality tests, for example, find the subject index and then find that part of the subject index labeled "Personality": that area will list all the personality tests in that Yearbook.
  • The number listed in the Comprehensive Subject Index is the test number and not the page number. You need to look tests up by their test number, not their page number.
  • Each entry usually includes a brief description of the test and one or two reviews. Reviews are usually signed by the author of the review. Reviews often have their own references at the end of the review.

How to cite reviews from the Buros Institute's Mental Measurements Yearbook

A comprehensive online index covering from the 9th edition to the present is available as a Web page. You can go to this Web page and use CTRL-F to search the index for a word or phrase.


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