2022 Faculty Research Report

2022 Faculty Research Report

Friday, March 17, 2023 - 15:12
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Interim Vice President of Research Dr. Nathaniel Cady

March 17, 2023

To SUNY Poly Faculty, Staff, and Students:

I am proud to congratulate the faculty, staff, and students of SUNY Polytechnic Institute on the success of their research, scholarly, and creative work during the past year, and now it is my pleasure to present you with the 2022 edition of SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Faculty Research Report.

The 2022 Faculty Research Report can be accessed here: https://sunypoly.edu/research/research-reports-publications.html.

The report highlights SUNY Poly’s diverse research and creative activities across five colleges: the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Engineering, and College of Health Sciences, located at SUNY Poly’s Utica  campus, and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, located in Albany.

The faculty at SUNY Poly are committed to training the next generation of engineers, scientists, humanitarians, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders capable of developing the next generation of emerging solutions. As you know, research and creative activities at SUNY Poly range from semiconductor manufacturing to adaptive behavior and cognition, power electronic design, the study of lemurs in Madagascar, the health sciences, data mining, and more—and all are reflected in this report.

Of note, faculty perform much of their research with the assistance of undergraduate and graduate students, providing invaluable experience in basic research and fostering their ability to solve real world problems.

It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy reviewing the exciting innovative research and activities that our faculty completed during 2022.


Dr. Nathaniel Cady
Interim Vice President of Research

SUNY Polytechnic Institute