Digital Media Academy offers five courses

Digital Media Academy offers five courses

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 12:21
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SUNYIT will offer a “Digital Media Academy” with five online studio courses available May through July to undergraduate students who meet certain requirements. The initiative is a project of faculty in SUNYIT’s communication and information design program, coordinated by the office of continuing and professional education.

Information about registration is available at Online registration continues until May 19. For questions about course content, email For questions about course registration, email or call 315-792-7197.


Advanced Digital Photography (8 weeks, May 27-July 16)

In-depth study of photographic principles, techniques, and contemporary criticism. Photographic fundamentals such as camera types, exposure, shutter speed, f/stop, depth of field, lens types and uses, flash and off-camera flash, studio lighting and printing. Students will become adept at advanced digital manipulation techniques in Adobe Photoshop. At the end of the course, the student will have produced a portfolio of images demonstrating proficiency in the aesthetics of the photographic medium, as well as essays covering the history and criticism of photographic arts and artists. Students required to have a Digital SLR camera to use during the course. Prerequisite: COM 212 or Introduction to Digital Photography.


Comic Coloring (8 weeks, May 27-July 16)

Develop skills associated applying color theory to the task of coloring comic book pages using Adobe Photoshop. Overview of the history of comics and comic book coloring. Examination of color theory and the impact of color on readers. Recorded lectures with optional synchronous lectures via Collaborate, critiques. Students required to purchase or have access to a Wacom Tablet; no required textbook or other expenses.


Experimental Video (4 weeks, May 27-June 20)

Concentrates on the use of mobile devices as a means of capturing video in experimental formats.  We’ll examine and create interesting projects using mobile video apps such as Vine, Social Cam and 1 Second A Day. Analyze the interaction between mobile video in experimental forms and social media. Course requires access to an Android or iOS mobile device, and the ability to download apps to that device.


Hypertextuality (8 weeks, May 27-July 16)

Explores the world of interactive digital text in which individuals have the capability to navigate, collaborate and communicate through links and multimedia elements. Students will work within a wiki authoring platform to design and develop a hypertext document, enabling them to study hypertextual writing, and to develop hypertextual modes of thinking. Emphasizes the design of non-fiction hypertext.


Presentation Design (8 weeks, May 27-July 16)

Great visual presentations balance the principles of design with a keen understanding of audience needs and the characteristics of various delivery systems. Students will apply graphic design skills to transforming content into engaging presentations while exploring the affordances and limitations of a variety of presentation software, working with several different types of software (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi, Articulate, Storyline) to develop and present material.