Forty Students from Capital District YMCA Black & Latino Achievers and Youth in Government Programs Gain Hands-on Nanotechnology-Based Educational Experience at SUNY Poly

Forty Students from Capital District YMCA Black & Latino Achievers and Youth in Government Programs Gain Hands-on Nanotechnology-Based Educational Experience at SUNY Poly

Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 15:14
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Albany, NY – Forty students participating in the Capital District YMCA Black & Latino Achievers and Youth In Government programs visited SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Albany NanoTech Complex Thursday, February 23, where they were immersed in engaging nanotechnology experiments, presentations, and tours of the institution’s state-of-the-art campus to inspire them and showcase the high-tech opportunities that are available across New York State’s innovation corridor.

“SUNY Poly is proud to host students who are taking part in the important YMCA Black & Latino Achievers and Youth in Government programs to share the fascinating ideas behind nanotechnology developments that can lead to interest in a nanotechnology-based education and valuable, high-tech careers,” said SUNY Poly Interim President Dr. Bahgat Sammakia.

“Being able to visit SUNY Poly and gain a first-hand experience with the exciting science behind many of the technologies we now use everyday is a wonderful way for these students to see that there is a world of opportunity available to them right here in their own backyard,” said Capital District YMCA Director of Youth Development Anzala B. Alozie. “We are thrilled we could partner with SUNY Poly so that our students could see that a wide range of high-tech careers are possible.”

As part of the experience, participating students were introduced to nanotechnology-centered concepts that underpin clean energy production and usage. More specifically, members of E2TAC (Energy and Environmental Technology Applications Center) led an activities session where the students interacted and experimented with photovoltaic panels that powered a series of small items, highlighting the importance of solar energy in our world. The students were also able to gown up in cleanroom “bunny suits” to experience what it feels like to work in one of SUNY Poly’s world-class cleanrooms, the site of advanced computer chip research and development.

In addition to a tour of SUNY Poly’s Albany campus, the students also attended a presentation where they learned how small a nanometer is, as well as how nanotechnology is applied to create the advanced technologies that are now all around us, from smart phones to more efficient clean energy-based applications. The day concluded with a panel discussion featuring representatives from the research and student-focused portions of the SUNY Poly community who discussed qualifications to attend SUNY Poly, career opportunities that can be pursued with this field of study, the importance of representation of women and students of color in the STEM fields, and what it is like to be a student, professor, or engineer.

The Capital District YMCA Black & Latino Achievers program provides students from all backgrounds with the opportunity to raise their academic standards, graduate from high school, and pursue career goals through a focus on inspiring college and career exploration. The YMCA Youth in Government program empowers students to make a difference in the community through education, problem-solving experience, and a social arena so that future leaders can develop and make a positive impact.


SUNY Polytechnic Institute. SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly) is New York’s globally recognized, high-tech educational ecosystem, formed from the merger of the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and SUNY Institute of Technology. SUNY Poly offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the emerging disciplines of nanoscience and nanoengineering, as well as cutting-edge nanobioscience and nanoeconomics programs at its Albany location and undergraduate and graduate degrees in technology, including engineering, cybersecurity, computer science, and the engineering technologies; professional studies, including business, communication, and nursing; and arts and sciences, including natural sciences, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences at its Utica/Rome location. Thriving athletic, recreational, and cultural programs, events, and activities complement the campus experience. As the world’s most advanced, university-driven research enterprise, SUNY Poly boasts billions of dollars in high-tech investments and over 300 corporate partners. For information visit and

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