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Directions for FIRST TIME Online Application Submission

  1. Create a login ID and PIN number. Your PIN must be six numbers.
    To log back in as a returning user, you will need your original login ID and PIN number, so be sure to write this down when you create it. If you do not have your login ID and PIN number, you will be unable to log back in to your application.
  2. Select an application type:
    International (Requiring Visa): this application type is for all non-US citizens and non-permanent residents. Select the term that you would like to apply for and fill in your legal name. International applicants, please submit your name exactly as it appears on your passport.
  3. Click the “Fill Out Application” button. This will bring you to the “Application Checklist” page which lists various sections of the application for admission. Begin submitting your information.
  4. Please note that you can go back to the various sections after you have already completed them to make any additional changes before officially submitting the application.
  5. Once you have completed all of the sections, click on “Application is Complete.”
  6. Your options for paying the non-refundable $60 application fee will be displayed.
  7. Upon receipt of your application, International Graduate Admissions will notify you via email of the required materials for the program you have applied to.
  8. To check the status of your application at any time, call International Graduate Admissions at 315-792-7219 or email your inquiry to and we will promptly follow-up. Online status checks are NOT available at this time, please do not log back into your application for this reason.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all application materials have been received by the deadline.


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