Ji Ung Lee Research Group

Ji Ung Lee

After 10 years in industry, Prof. Ji Ung Lee joined CNSE – SUNY Poly in 2007. Prof. Lee’s group focuses on fundamental studies of devices based on nanostructured materials.  They include carbon nanotubes, graphene, and other 2D materials.  The end applications include CMOS, post-CMOS, photovoltaic, photonic, and nanobio sensors.  We use SUNY Poly’s 300mm wafer line to fabricate devices and integrate these nanostructured materials onto unique device structures.

Electrical and Optical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes:

Our group has pioneered the formation of p-n junctions using buried split gates in carbon nanotube, graphene, and 2D materials. The device properties include nearly ideal carbon nanotube p-n diodes and comprehensive probing of exciton transitions.

Graphene p-n Junctions:

Our goal is to develop novel post-CMOS devices using graphene p-n junctions.  These are not rectifying junctions.  Instead, optics-like manipulation of carriers is possible based on the unique transport properties of these junctions.

Si CMOS Electronics:

We characterized advanced Si CMOS devices, including nanowire gate all around FETs.  

Nanobio Applications:

We are developing unique sensors to probe the internal metabolic reactions of individual cells and are examining the transport properties of DNA.


Fall 2017:  NNSE 782: Topological Insulators:  Dirac Condensed Matter Systems (3 cr.)

Spring 2018:  NENG 406:  Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics (4 cr.)


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