Mohawk Hall

Mohawk houses 180 full-time sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students, offering suite-style living with single bedrooms. The rooms are equipped with a bed, XL mattress, desk, chair, lamp, pedestal, and two 2-drawer dressers. Each suite has four bedrooms, a bathroom, and a common living area. There is also a small kitchen in the complex that is equipped with pots, pans, and utensils. Students are allowed to have one small 4.0 cu ft mini refrigerator per room. There is a game room with a pool table and TV which can be used to connect gaming consoles. A large outdoor area is in the center of the triangle for student activities. Parking for Mohawk Hall is in lots K, L, and M.

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Guys on the bridge

Mohawk is just a short walk away from all of our campus buildings, including the Wildcat Field House!

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