Career and Graduate School Fair

career fairCareer and Graduate School Fair is a yearly event that provides an opportunity for students, alumni, and employers to meet informally. Students and alumni have the opportunity to learn more about prospective employers while employers have the opportunity to meet students and alumni interested in securing internships or full-time or part-time employment. SUNY Poly students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to attend the annual Career and Graduate School Fair. It is also open to the community.

The Fall 2018 Career and Internship Fair is Friday, October 26 from noon until 3 pm at the SUNY Poly Utica Campus Center Gym. We expect a wide representation of area, statewide and national employers, as well as representatives from a variety of graduate programs.

List of Fall 2018 Attendees

Tips and strategies for students


  • Dress to impress; proper business attire is recommended. Most experts agree that attire should be as if you are going to an interview. Professional dress sends a message to the recruiter that you are serious and interested.
  • Do your research.

    Prepare a list of organizations that you want to visit. Use your research to rank the organizations you're interested in.

    • Be prepared to ask questions of the employer representatives. Practice out loud; it helps.
    • One of the worst things to tell a recruiter is, "I'll take anything or ask, "What jobs do you have for me? These statements show a lack of interest and initiative.
    • Be able to articulate a 30-second summary of who you are and what you have to offer an employer. Preparation, enthusiasm and energy will get you noticed. Keep it brief. Do not ask about salary and benefits.
    • Identify specific experiences where you have demonstrated your strengths, skills, and abilities.
    • Know why you want to work for a particular organization. If you don't know, they won't know either.
    • Develop a well-written resume (approved by Career Services) and bring sufficient copies for distribution.
    • If the recruiters don't accept your resume, don't take it personally. They may suggest that you apply online instead.


    • Introduce yourself and make eye contact. Focus on the recruiter and not what they are giving away.
    • Remember the recruiter's name; if not, casually refer to their name tag. SMILE! and be polite; enthusiasm is an important quality.
    • Ask for their business card or write down the representative's name and contact information.
    • Listen carefully to what the representative is saying and avoid becoming distracted. Gather key information that you can use when you apply for a position.
    • Ask the recruiter if their organization is conducting interviews on campus. Find out how you should apply. Ask what you should do to be considered.
    • Refrain from using filler words such as, "um," "like," "ya know."
    • Be confident and speak clearly. The room will be noisy, and if they can't hear you, they won't remember you.
    • Manage your time and if time permits, visit employer tables that may not have been on your list.

    Questions you may want to ask employer representatives

    • What kind of entry-level positions exist within (company name)?
    • How many employees are in my area of interest (which is...)?
    • What does (company name) consider the five most important qualities in an employee?
    • What courses do you suggest in order to be a successful candidate?
    • Is a G.P.A. considered in the recruiting process?
    • What personality traits are important for success in (company name)?
    • As an entry-level employee, what can I expect to be doing 2, 5, 10 years from now?
    • What made you choose (company name)? How long have you been with them?
    • Is travel involved?
    • Do some of your employees relocate?


    • Email a brief thank you within 24 hours after the interview; it could be key to getting a job offer. Express your appreciation for their time and advice.
    • Attach a resume with your thank you and briefly reiterate your interest and why you're the best candidate for the job.
    • Research their website and apply online, sign up for the organization's on-campus interviews, or follow the recruiters' recommendations to move to the next phase in the job-search process.


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