Faculty are encouraged to utilize our services. Contact a Career Services professional to conduct day/evening career presentations and career planning and self assessment to your class. Faculty advisors who have career-related questions when advising students may refer them to Career Services for assistance.

We encourage faculty to refer students to Career Services as soon as possible to utilize our services and to attend monthly workshops.

Purple Briefcase
Purple Briefcase, a free online database, allows students and alumni to search for part-time or full-time jobs, and internships that employers have posted exclusively to our school. Students have the capability to manage their account, search for opportunities, research current jobs, as well as the capability to create a career portfolio.

Career Planning and Self Assessment
is an online, interactive career and education planning system that combines self assessment, career exploration and decision making into one comprehensive program. FOCUS-2 assists students in mapping out a career path and selecting an appropriate area of study to support their career goals.

Career Fair
Career Fair is scheduled every spring and provides students and alumni the opportunity to explore careers, to meet prospective employers, and to learn about full-time, part-time, and summer employment including internship and co-op opportunities. The date of the spring Career Fair is to be announced.

For your review, The National Association for Colleges has published a Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring.


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