SUNY Poly inspires people of all ages with nanotechnology for kids programs, its continuing professional education for adults, as well as its numerous special events, programs, lectures, and tours.

Big Impact

Supporting a world-class labor force and high-technology ecosystem across New York State, SUNY Poly organizes and deploys a comprehensive portfolio of innovative educational, community, arts/cultural, and public outreach programs and initiatives, serving more than 141,000 individuals, including 29,000 students in 2015.

K-12 Student Opportunities

SUNY Poly seeks to address one of the nation's formidable problems--a looming shortage of personnel focused on the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics skills that are critical in the 21st Century. In response, SUNY Poly conducts multi-level programs that encourage STEAM awareness in grades K-12 to help ensure the most advanced U.S. workforce. From nano-inspired programs to LEGO robot competitions and exciting summer programs, SUNY Poly offers unique, targeted educational opportunities for young students, preparing them to meet the world head on.

Community Outreach

SUNY Poly’s unique educational and economic growth paradigm is uplifting communities. Showcasing the growth and potential of its academic and business partnership models, the faculty, staff and graduate students at SUNY Poly take great pride in providing access to state-of-the-art facilities in an effort to educate members of our communities. Community outreach programs aim to inspire, educate, and elevate, revealing how SUNY Poly drives limitless future possibilities.

Outreach Program for youth

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