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  • February 8, 2019
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SUNY Polytechnic Institute Governance Council

Zora Thomova (Utica campus)
Kathy Dunn (Albany campus)

Bylaws of the SUNY Polytechnic Institute Governance Council (pdf)

Committees (A for Albany campus representative, U for Utica campus representative)

Academic Affairs
Co-chairs: Robert Brainard (A), Daryl Lee (U)
Members: TBD (A), TBD (A), TBD (A-student),  Amos Confer (U), David Pasick (U), Ryan Saunders (U-student)

Academic Assessment
Co-chairs: Spryros Gallis (A), Carlie Phipps (U)
Members: TBD (A), TBD (A), TBD (A-student), Amos Confer (U), Joanne Joseph (U), Michael Luccio (U-student)

Academic Staff Status
Co-chairs: Eric Eisenbraun (A), Amos Confer (U)
Members: TBD (A), TBD (A), TBD (A), John Marsh (U), Lorraine Kane (U), Kathryn Stam (U)

Libraries, Technology and Distance Learning
Co-chairs: Paul Kutscha (A), Francia Reed (Utica)
Members: TBD (A), TBD (A), TBD (A-student), Rebecca Hewitt (U), Rick Shelton (U), TBD (U-student)

Planning, Policy, and Budgeting
Co-chairs: Unni Pillai (A), Maarten Heyboer (U)
Members: TBD (A), TBD (A), TBD (A-student), Steve Perta (U), Linda Weber (U), Anthony Viscusi (U-student)

At-large members of the Governance Council
Steve Perta (U), Tim Busch (U), Nakesha Abel (A), Robert McNamee (U - student), David Abbott (U-student), TBD (A-student), TBD (A-student)

SUNY University Faculty Senate Representative: Carlie Phipps (U)

SUNY University Faculty Senate Representative - alternate: Eric Eisenbraun (A)


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