MBA Technology Management - Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements The MBA Technology Management program consists of a total of 48 credit hours distributed as follows (Learn about our Fast Track MBA options):

Technology Management Core Courses: 18 credit hours
Business Management Core Courses: 21 credit hours
Specialized Concentration Courses 9 credit hours

Technology Management Core Courses

Course Name Course Number Credits
Project Management TIM 500 3
Managing New Product Design and Development TIM 530 3
Business Law, Ethics, and Intellectual Property Rights BLW 570 3
Innovation and Entrepreneurship ENT575 3
Leading Organizational Change & Innovation TIM 585 3
Strategic Planning TIM 685 3
Total Technology Management Core Courses 18

Business Management Core Courses

Course Name Course Number Credits
Accounting for Managers ACC 520 3
Human Resource Management HRM 518 3
Management Information Systems MIS 515 3
Marketing Management MKT 505 3
Multinational Economics of Technology BUS 505 3
Financial Management Problems FIN 525 3
Quantitative Business Analysis MGS 511 3
Total Business Management Core Courses 21


Specialized Concentration Courses

Choose one area of concentration and complete all three courses in that area:

Accounting & Finance
FIN 532 Investment Strategy
ACC 585 Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting
FIN 685 Seminar in Accounting & Finance

Health Informatics
HIM 501 Health Care Informatics
HIM 509 Legal Issues in Health Informatics
HIM 600 Quality Improvement in Health Informatics

Human Resource Management
HRM 615 Labor Relations
HRM 620 Compensation
HRM 650 Human Resources Information Systems

Marketing Management
MKT 510 Marketing Survey Design & Data Analysis
MKT 652 Sales Management
MKT 654 Services Marketing Management

Business Management
Choose any three courses other than technology core courses or business core courses.


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