FAQ: Graduate Academics

How many credits must be completed in residence to earn a master's degree at SUNY Polytechnic Institute?
SUNY Poly requires graduate students to complete at least 27 credit hours at our institution in order to receive our master’s degree.

What is the average class size?
Classes at SUNY Poly Utica average 20 to 30 students. Small classes and personal attention are one of our greatest strengths.

How many credits must I take to be a full-time graduate student?
A full-time graduate student is one who has registered for a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester.  The maximum full-time student load is considered 15 graduate credit hours per semester.
A part-time graduate student is one who is registered for less than 9 credit hours per semester.

Are online classes available? We offer the following programs completely online:

In addition, a number of online and hybrid courses are available in the family nurse practitioner program.

Is there a time limit on completing graduate degree requirements?
Courses completed more than seven (7) years before the term in which the degree is awarded may not be used for credit toward the master’s degree. In the event that a student’s attendance was interrupted due to extenuating circumstances, exceptions may be made by petition through the academic department.

Does SUNY Poly offer any tutorial services?
The Learning Center offers both online and in-person tutorial services free of charge to students. The in-person servcies include: individual tutoring sessions, one-on-one writing consultation sessions, and small group instruction in a number of subject areas, as well as some introductory PC skills. The Learning Center can also work with students to help improve study and test-taking skills.

Are internships available? Students can work with the Career Services Office and their academic department to set-up an internship. Although internships are not required in most programs, they are strongly encouraged and allow our students to gain valuable experience in their major. Internships may be paid or unpaid, and often students will receive credit for the internship.

Are summer classes available? SUNY Poly offers summer coursework. The summer course schedule is posted online in January. There are three different summer sessions: 2 four-week sessions with classes meeting during the day and 1 eight-week session with classes meeting in the evenings. A select number of online courses are also available each summer.  


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