Nanostructured Materials

Course and research work focuses on the science and technology of nanoscale materials and structures.  The properties of these materials are a result of the forces and chemistry that occurs due to the confined nature of the test materials and the interfaces these materials and structures make with adjacent media.

Faculty members for research coursework: Professors Hassa Bakhru, Robert Brainard, Kathy Dunn, Eric Eisenbraun, Vincent LaBella, Jim Lloyd, Mengbing Huang, Serge Oktyabrsky, and Carl Ventrice

NSCI 310 Nanoscale Surfaces and Interfaces (3 Cr - Fall)
Structure of surfaces and interfaces at the nanometer length scale. Diffusion, adsorption, chemisorption, and physisorption of atomic and molecular species at surfaces and interfaces are covered. Provides an overview of analytic approaches for surface and interfacial characterization and metrology.

NSCI 320 Advanced Physical/Chemical Concepts for Nanoscale Science (3 Cr - Spring)
Advanced course focusing on physical/chemical concepts and their application to nanoscale materials and systems. Topics will include advanced treatment of energy levels, orbital theory, spectroscopy, phase transformations, kinetics, and diffusion.


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