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Reimbursement of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Meeting Expenses
The State Comptroller has stated that the agencies fiscal administrator must determine that the meeting was held for the benefit of the agency, the cost of the meal was reasonable, and that alcoholic beverages are not included. Therefore, reimbursements will be limited to the current meal per diem for the area plus a reasonable tip. Care must be exercised in the ratio of employees to guests. When submitting requisitions for the reimbursement of meal expenses incurred during a business meeting, you must include all of the following information: 

  1. The purpose and necessity of the meeting, including an explanation why it could not be held during normal working hours. 
  2. The specific nature of State business being conducted. 
  3. The location of the meeting. 
  4. The number of participants including names, titles and their relationship to the business being conducted. 
  5. A detailed receipt, including food and beverages served. Reimbursement for alcohol or tax is not permitted. 

If proper documentation is not submitted, reimbursement may not be processed. 

Food and Hospitality Expenses 
Under certain circumstances the cost of food and beverages can be considered an appropriate NYS expenditure. 


  • Meals while in travel status (see Travel Guidelines). 
  • Food/beverages supporting a formal official business setting (conference, workshop, training session) evidenced by a formal program agenda, statement of purpose, and listing of participants. The food/beverages must serve an essential/important ingredient for success, not merely a hospitality enhancement. 


  • Food/beverages provided in a largely social unstructured setting, such as reception, parties, gatherings which do not serve a clear official business purpose. 
  • Food/beverages provided as incidental to routine staff meetings, for which the success of the meeting does not depend. 
  • Alcoholic beverages 

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