MS 365 Email Migration FAQs

Will Google Docs or a similar platform be available?

Google Apps as well their existing data will continue to be available post migration.

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How will Unix/Linux boxes work with Office 365?

We have heard of no concerns with users using Office 365 with Unix/Linux based systems.

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Will all students also be given Microsoft accounts?

Yes, All SUNY Poly staff, faculty and students will be migrated and provided access to Office 365.

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Why we are migrating 2,500 students, 120+ faculty, adjuncts, and 100(?) staff members on the Utica campus vs. a smaller contingent on the Albany campus?

All SUNY POLY Users are being migrated including SUNY Poly staff, faculty and students in Albany.

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Will we still be able to use Android and Gmail or will we transition to another mobile client?

The majority of email clients today function with Office 365. Each app and mobile device will have different configuration settings.

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Why not wait?

To introduce the least amount of disruption to the user community the summer is the best time migrate to a new platform. This is in line with the faculty requests during the 2015 migration discussion.

Additionally, SUNY Central continues to develop new tools and data requirements for SUNY Campuses. By not utilizing a common platform as SUNY Central we cannot stay compliant with SUNY Information & Security standards.

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How will I know how to use Office 365?

SUNY Poly is building a knowledge base containing instructional videos, FAQ’s and other Office 365 resources.

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Will I lose access to Google Apps?

NO, all Google applications and tools will continue to be available after the migration.

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