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The following training information is provided for SUNY Poly - Utica employees, students, visitors, contractors, and others who visit or work on our campus.

Additional information for trainings related to specific hazardous activities or jobs will be updated to our SUNY Poly Utica EHS website.

Please contact Sean Clive (EHS Director) at or 315-792-7101, if you have any questions. 

Required for ALL employees:

1. Hazard Communication / Right to Know Training (annual for Public Employees including full- and part-time, and student workers, one time for private employees) – NYS PESH regulations, and SUNY System policy indicates who is expected to complete Right to Know training and how often it is to be completed -

This training was prepared in an effort to ensure a healthy and safe workplace for our employees, and to comply with Federal and State requirements related to Hazard Communication (HazCom) and Right To Know (RTK) regulations.  This training will be supplemented by supervisor-led training related to specific hazardous chemicals used on a regular basis by certain employees.  The training includes a video powerpoint presentation (with audio), supplemental materials and links, and a quiz.  Please click on the following link and review the materials and complete the quiz to receive credit for the training. 

Annual Hazard Communication / Right to Know training – Access the training material using your credentials to sign in to Google. At this time, only users will have access to these materials.

2. Fire Safety / Emergency Response – The following links are to materials that will provide you with important information regarding Fire Safety and Emergency Response.  Each departmental office on campus should have at least one copy of each document.  Employees may choose to have their own as well. Please download these materials and print as needed. 

Recommended / Additional Information for all employees:

The following video links are provided for your information and pertain to issues that may be of interest to you or your coworkers. If classroom training sessions are planned for any of these topics, an announcement will be forwarded via the faculty/staff/student announcement system.

Available Lab Specific Training:

The following links are to training programs available to SUNY Poly students, employees, etc... Documentation of training(s) completed by employees / students is required in some circumstances, and strongly encouraged for all.

CGAM Basic Safety Training - Required for access to the CGAM rooms in Donovan Hall

Laboratory Safety Training (These trainings must be supplemented by instructor / supervisor trainings specific to the space, equipment, and materials.)  Review of the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) and Laboratory Safety Manual (LSM) for each employee working in labs is expected.  Student participation in laboratories will be expected to complete Departmental trainings provided by Instructors / Principal Investigators. 


  • BIOSAFETY - Currently only Biosafety Level II in Donovan Hall 2106
    • CITI Program Biosafety
      • Instructions
      • Training requirements depend on level of involvement and exposure
        • Basic room access not working with or around Biosafety materials / work areas - Introduction to Biosafety - Stage 1
        • Researcher / Technical Assistant / Lab Technician / Student Worker working with and around materials / work areas - Biosafety Complete Training Series - Stage 1

Available Vehicle Specific Training:

The following links are to training programs available to SUNY Poly students, employees, etc… who will use certain vehicles on campus.  Documentation of training(s) completed by employees / students is required in some circumstances, and strongly encouraged for all. These videos may be a part of the overall training program.

Vehicle Operation

Available Emergency Response Training:

The following links are to training programs available to SUNY Poly employees / supervisors in critical response roles (e.g. Essential Employees, Administration, Emergency Responders).  Documentation of training(s) completed by employees should be forwarded to EHS. 

ICS and NIMS Courses (Online)

ICS-100 - Web

ICS-100: Introduction to the Incident Command System (all)

ICS-200 - Web

ICS-200: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (essential employees)

IS-700 - Web

IS-700: National Incident Management System, An Introduction (all)

IS-702 - Web

IS-702: NIMS Publication Information Systems

IS-703 - Web

IS-703: NIMS Resource Management

IS-706 – Web

IS-706: NIMS Intrastate Mutual Aid – An Introduction

IS-800 – Web

IS-800: National Response Framework, An Introduction

Special ICS / NIMS Classes Require Scheduled Classroom (off-site training locations)

ICS-300 – Special Class

ICS-300: Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents

ICS-400 – Special Class

ICS-400: Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff

IS-701 (retired)

IS-701: NIMS Multiagency Coordination System (MACS)

IS-704 (retired)

IS-704: NIMS Communication and Information Management (unavailable)

G-191 – Special Class

G-191: Incident Command System/ Emergency Operations Center Interface

G-402  – Special Class

G-402 Incident Command System (ICS) Overview for Executives/Senior Officials (Administration)

G-775 – Special Class

G-775: Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management and Operations

All-Hazards Position Specific Courses - Require Scheduled Classroom (off-site training locations)

E/L 950 – Special Class

E/L 950: All-Hazards Position Specific Incident Commander

E/L 952 – Special Class

E/L 952: All-Hazards Position Specific Public Information Officer

E/L 954 – Special Class

E/L 954: All-Hazards Position Specific Safety Officer

E/L 956 – Special Class

E/L 956: All-Hazards Position Specific Liaison Officer

E/L 958 – Special Class

E/L 958: All-Hazards Position Specific Operations Section Chief

E/L 960 – Special Class

E/L 960: All-Hazards Position Specific Division/Group Supervisor

E/L 962 – Special Class

E/L 962: All-Hazards Position Specific Planning Section Chief

E/L 964 – Special Class

E/L 964: All-Hazards Position Specific Situation Unit Leader

E/L 965 – Special Class

E/L 965: All-Hazards Position Specific Resources Unit Leader

E/L 967 – Special Class

E/L 967: All-Hazards Position Specific Logistics Section Chief

E/L 969 – Special Class

E/L 969: All-Hazards Position Specific Communications Unit Leader

E/L 970 – Special Class

E/L 970: All-Hazards Position Specific Supply Unit Leader

E/L 971 – Special Class

E/L 971: All-Hazards Position Specific Facilities Unit Leader

E/L 973 – Special Class

E/L 973: All-Hazards Position Specific Finance/Admin. Section Chief

E/L 975 – Special Class

E/L 975: All-Hazards Position Specific Finance/Admin. Unit Leader Course

E/L 984 – Special Class

E/L 984: Task Force/Strike Team Leader

E/L 986 – Special Class

E/L 986: Air Support Group Supervisor

E/L 987 – Special Class

E/L 987: Introduction to Air Operations





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