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Faculty may place material on Reserve in the library and students may borrow that material for short periods of time, thus allowing a large number of students access to a single copy of an item.

Borrowing time is determined by the instructor and generally lasts two hours, one day, two days or one week. Materials can include those owned by the instructor and those owned by the library.   

Textbooks on Reserve

Spring 2018 textbooks

Based on a comparison of the library holdings to the most recent bookstore required reading list, these titles are available either as ebooks or on reserves.  The sheet will be updated as we identify more matches.

Download Spring 2019 Course Reserves List

Download Certification Exam Reserves List

NEW: Search for Course Reserves in Primo 


Accessing Material on Reserve (Students)

To borrow reserve material, students must present a valid ID

To find out which items are on Reserve, users may search the SUNY Poly catalog under the Course Reserves scope by title or author, as well as by course number, course name, department, or the name of your instructor. Ask library staff for assistance if you have difficulty finding your item in Primo. 

Please give library staff your course name / number when asking for Reserve material. 

Students may request a maximum of 3 reserve items at any one time.

Most reserve material may be borrowed for only two hours. Only selected items may be borrowed 1 day, 2 days, or for one week.

The loan period is indicated on a sticker on the front of each item.
Fines and holds will be applied to students' accounts for overdue Reserve material. Fines are charged for reserved material that is returned late.

Loan Period Reserve Fines
2-hour --------------- $.20 with $10 max
1-Day ---------------- $1/day with $10 max
2-Day ---------------- $1/day with $10 max
1-Week -------------- $1/day with $10 max


Placing Material on Reserve (Faculty)

To place items on Reserve, please complete a Reserve Request Form for each item. Processing material for Reserve takes two to three days, so please submit your requests before your students need or expect the material. Please bear in mind that requests to place material on Reserve are greatest at the beginning of each semester. To place materials on Reserves, please fill out our Reserve Request Form. If any materials are photocopied, Faculty are responsible for securing copyright permission.

Restrictions to Reserve Requests

The following restrictions apply to placing material on Reserve:

  • Materials belonging to or checked out from other libraries will not be placed on Reserve

  • Photocopies that do not comply with Copyright Law will not be placed on Reserve


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