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Zero-Net, Carbon Certified - First-Ever on a SUNY Campus 139 Rooms 77,700 Square Feet 257 Beds
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Construction is currently underway on SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Hilltop Residence Hall and is expected to open in fall 2020. The  residence  hall  will  be  “zero-net,  carbon  certified,”  meaning  in  addition to exceeding existing energy codes, the infrastructure to add future on-site renewable energy  production  systems  will  be  in  place. Once these systems are installed, the building will use equal to or less than the energy annually  it  can  produce  on-site  through  renewable  resources.

The  building’s  design  revolves  around  sustainability  and  energy  efficiency  to  save  energy  and  improve  the  mental  and  physical  health  of  its  residents. The  residence  hall  will  include hotel-style student rooms with adjacent lounges, kitchens, study and laundry areas, as well as a multi-purpose room, game room and a  bike  storage  area. It  will  also  include  many  outdoor  green  spaces  such  as  a  courtyard  and  trellised area with outdoor grills, and incorporate a bioretention/rain garden to detain storm water  runoff  and  remove  contaminants  from  the  water.  In  addition,  the  residence  hall  will  include  connections  to  a  future  photovoltaic/solar power system.

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