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Zero-Net, Carbon Certified - First-Ever on a SUNY Campus 139 Rooms 77,700 Square Feet 257 Beds
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Hilltop Hall is the newest residence hall and the first SUNY zero-net, carbon-certified complex with 21 singles and 118 doubles with a private bathroom by room (maximum 2 students per bathroom). Hilltop houses first-year students for the 20-21 academic year. Hilltop includes many outdoor green spaces such as a courtyard and trellised area with outdoor grills, and incorporates a bioretention/rain garden to detain stormwater runoff and remove contaminants from the collected water. In addition, Hilltop will include connections to a future photovoltaic/solar power system.

For Spring 2021 and based on the current mandated social distancing measures, the following precautions are in effect for Hilltop Hall. Social distancing measures for residential living include:

  • No guests in rooms (including other residential students).
  • No open kitchens.
  • No open lounges. Lounges will be used only for appropriately socially distanced activities planned and hosted by SUNY Poly and, where required, personal protective equipment will be provided by SUNY Poly staff (all lounges will be secured).
  • Expectations (face coverings, physical distancing, screening, etc.) will be clearly noted and communicated regularly to students.

All residential bathrooms on campus will be private to the students in the unit and will not require entry by facilities staff for cleaning.

Given the different sizes and populations of students using each residential laundry rooms, protocols specific to use of laundry facilities will be posted at the entrance to each laundry room. Residents are expected to comply with all policies specific to their laundry room. New protocols will include limits on the number of students permitted in a laundry room at one time and limited hours to allow for cleaning and disinfection. Students may view the availability of washing machines using Laundryview.




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