Graduate Student Policies

Academic Standards policies for graduate students:

  1. Academic Standards
    Each graduate degree student must maintain an overall academic grade point average of 3.0 (B grade). A student may, through the advisor, submit a petition to the school to repeat a maximum of two (2) courses in which a C grade or less was received. No more than two (2) C grades will count towards a graduate degree. If a student does not receive a passing grade in a course which is a prerequisite for another course in the program, the student may not proceed to take other course(s) until the prerequisite has been met.
  2. Academic Warning and Dismissal
    Academic Warning: At the completion of each semester, each student's academic record is routinely reviewed, and if the cumulative grade point average is below 3.00, the student is placed on academic warning for the following semester.

    Academic Dismissal: At the completion of each semester, the academic record of each student on academic warning will be reviewed for academic dismissal reasons. If the semester grade point average of a student on academic warning is below 3.00 after nine (9) credit hours, the student will be academically dismissed. No student will be academically dismissed without first being on academic warning.

    Readmission Following Academic Dismissal: Students dismissed for academic deficiencies who wish to apply for readmission to SUNY Poly must submit their written application to the dean of the respective school. The dean/academic committee will evaluate the application and make a determination as to readmission. The dean/academic committee may delay readmission until one full semester has elapsed and will generally do so if a student is applying for readmission a second time. A student granted readmission to SUNY Poly will be placed on academic warning. Establishing matriculation in a degree program is governed by the regulations for matriculation in that program at the time of readmission.


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