Registration Instructions: Current Students

Log In

  1. Go to
  2. Click Enter Secure Area
  3. Login: Enter User ID and PIN, then click Login.If you do not remember your PIN and security question, contact the Registrar's office at (315) 792-7262 or 792-7265 to have your PIN reset.At the Login Verification Change PIN page:
    • Read the Statement of Responsibility and enter Banner Web main menu by clicking Continue
    • Select a security question and an answer
    • Click Password Change near bottom of page and follow directions on the screen
    • Click PIN /Password Change

      First time user - contact the Registrar's office for your User ID and PIN.

  At the Main Menu

  1. Click Student Services and Financial Aid, then Registration
  2. Click Add or Drop Classes, and Submit Term.
  3. Read Student Code of Conduct and click "I agree" (if necessary).
  4. Enter the CRN (4-digit course reference number) for your course selections.
  5. Click Submit Changes. Courses without errors will show as registered. For courses with errors, refer to "Common Error Messages" below. Rectify the problem and resubmit changes as appropriate.
  6. You can search available classes by selecting "Look-up Classes."
  7. Once registered, click the Return to Menu link, then Student Detail Schedule. You can print your schedule by clicking on the printer icon on the toolbar. (Do not print your schedule from the Registration Screen.)
  9. To logout, click the Exit button. TO SECURE YOUR RECORDS, click Return to Homepage.


Common Error Messages

Time Conflict
Course times overlap. Choose a different section for one or both of the conflicting classes, then add both classes to your registration. NOTE: It is possible to get permission by an instructor to allow a time conflict. Your College must process the permission, allowing you to then web register.

Permission has not been processed. See the appropriate person for approval. Your College will process the permission, allowing you to then web register for this course.

Closed Course
The section is full. Register for another section or course.

Level Restriction
You are an undergraduate and have attempted to register for a graduate level course. You must go to the Registrar's Office and, if you are eligible, complete an Academic Petition form seeking permission to register for this course.

Link_Error Type LA (LE) Required
You have registered for a lab or lecture section without the corresponding lecture or lab. Use the Add Class area to add BOTH the lecture and lab sections.

Over Maximum Credit Load
Credit total is more than the maximum allowed. Complete an Academic Petition form for permission to register for a credit overload and submit to the department chair. Your College will process the permission, allowing you to then web register.

Pre Req./Test Score Error
The course you are trying to register for requires that another course be completed or is in progress at the time of registration.


Request More Information

Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.


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