Keys and Access Policy

Key Policy The Department of University Police, in association with our Facilities department, provides access to campus buildings through a combination of card readers and mechanical locks. The following information covers some of the major policy issues associated with the issuance of keys and security measures that must be followed.

SUNY Poly Card Building Access All buildings at SUNY Poly are equipped with special card readers that allow access to their facilities. The cards that are used to access these buildings are the school's own special dual purpose SUNY Poly Cards, equipped with a magnetic stripe that identifies each student, faculty and professional member. The following information describes some of the features of the SUNY Poly Card and policies that should be observed.

Building Hours

The Department of University Police maintains facilities that ensure safe and secure access to all buildings on campus. Normal building hours for Kunsela Hall, Donovan Hall, Cayan Library, and the Campus Center are listed in the following document as well as information concerning special access to these facilities. For information concerning off-hours access and computer lab hours, we suggest calling our office at (315) 792-7222. All faculty have 24 hour access into the building that they are located via the SUNY Poly Card. Staff members are given access on a need basis. Your supervisor must approve any hours beyond the normal building hours. Students must see their department chairperson to arrange for hours other than normal building hours. There are no outside door keys issued, SUNY Poly Card access only. Students requiring access to specific labs need to complete the SUNY Poly Card - Lab Access Request Form (pdf). The computer lab hours change frequently, we suggest that you call the Department of University Police at (315) 792-7222 in order to receive the latest schedules.


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