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New, accepted students are required to complete an orientation program prior to the start of their first semester.

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COVID testing before returning to campus

Albany Campus Students: As a result of our partnership with the University at Albany, ALL students at SUNY Poly’s Albany campus during the fall 2020 semester must follow the University at Albany’s testing requirement and provide proof of a negative SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) PCR test result from July 26 or later. Meaning, the test results were normal and showed the virus was not detected. The test must be a PCR molecular test or an antigen test; antibody tests will not be accepted. This requirement is due prior to arrival to campus.

Given reported delays for COVID-19 test results and lack of testing availability in some areas, all students should be tested as soon as possible in order to have results prior to the beginning of fall classes. Information about how to securely upload your negative test result is included in the Return to Campus Guide (pdf)

Students returning to the Utica campus will be required to take part in a new SUNY initiative enabling efficient “pooled testing” for COVID-19. As students arrive, they will provide a testing sample; any student found to be part of a positive testing pool will follow detailed procedures and be individually tested in order to ensure all students who return to campus are COVID-19 negative. 

More information can be found at:
SUNY Poly Announces Participation in SUNY’s Efficient
COVID-19 Pooled Testing Program for Arriving Utica Campus Students
 (pdf) (August 14, 2020)


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