Derivatives Research and Development

What are derivatives?
Any device feature(s) added to a base CMOS flow to allow for circuit designs not available with a standard flow.

Examples of derivatives added to CMOS:

  • Precision Analog Resistor for low power applications
  • LDMOS for power management
  • Hi performance RF Passives / RF FET layout for wireless applications
  • Analog features such as high gain FETs
  • High performance metal-insulator-metal capacitors - Digital-Analog Converters
  • MEMs

Derivatives Research and Development at SUNY Poly CNSE

  • Devices On Demand
  • Customer Input for Custom / Standard
  • Derivative Feature or Technology Element
  • Technology Assessment With Customer
  • Development Agreement - JDA / CNSE Development
  • Develop Device / Process to Customer Requirements
  • Deliver Prototypes
  • Outsource for Mfg / Transfer IP / or Mfg at CNSE

Base and Derivative Technologies at SUNY Poly CNSE

  • 65 nm 10LPe / 10RFe
  • Rotated substrate (45°) for reduced leakage
  • SoC integration for portable applications
  • Low standby power
  • Standard and low leakage FETs
  • Complete suite of RF FETs
  • Full suite of passive devices (10RFe)
  • Dense /Performance SRAM (0.525 um2 / 0.62 um2)


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