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Are you interested in domestic exchange study?

In addition to offering overseas study abroad options, SUNY Poly has joined the Washington Internship Program which is administered by SUNY Brockport. The program provides opportunity for undergraduate students to live, study, and work in Washington, DC while earning academic credits. 

Available Options 

Semester Program: 15 weeks, up to 16 academic credits earned by taking one class, engagement in an arranged internship, and preparation of a research paper.

Summer Program: 8 weeks, up to six academic credits, engagement in an arranged internship.

For more information, please visit the following website: brockport.edu/academics/washington  

Students typically study abroad during their junior year; however it is possible to study as a senior or second semester sophomore. Studying for an academic year, semester, summer, or winter terms are all available options as different students have different obligations on campus or preferences as to how long they wish to be abroad. It's very important to meet with your academic adviser prior to going abroad to discuss your academic plan and to make sure that the courses you take will apply to your degree requirements. Internship opportunities are also available.


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