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Follow these easy directions to receive your bill electronically and make a payment online.

SUNY Poly will no longer mail paper bills. Semester billing statements, as well as monthly bills will be available via the QuikPay Online Billing and Payment System. Students will receive notification through the SUNY Poly email address that a billing statement is ready to view and pay.  Students are responsible for checking their SUNY Poly email account on a regular basis, including when classes are not in session.  Failure to check this email account on a regular basis for billing information will not eliminate the student from liability and any late charges that may be incurred. You may also update your student email account settings to have messages forwarded to another address (Instructions), however we can only  guarantee delivery to your official SUNYIT/SUNY Poly e-mail and cannot be responsible for delivery failures to any other e-mail account. We strongly encourage you to check your SUNY Poly email account regularly.

Students have access to the QuikPay Online Billing and Payment system through their Banner Self Service account.

Students must assign an Authorized Payer to access the QuikPay system. A parent or guardian will only be able to obtain billing information and make an online payment in QuikPay.

  1. Students access QuikPay via their Banner Self-Service account. After entering the secure area, select the following menu items:
    a. Student and Financial Aid
    b. Student Records
    c. Time Payment Plan or e-Billing and QuikPay
  2. In QuikPay, menu options are listed on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Payment Profiles allows a user to enter banking or credit card information that can be stored for payment processing. This allows a user to select this payment information, so re-entry of the information is not required each time a payment is made. This selection is optional. Payments can be made online without storing the payment information.
  4. Authorize Payers allows a student to set-up an account for any third party to gain access to the QuikPay system. The authorized payer will receive an e-mail with their user name and the link to the Authorized Payer log-in site. For security purposes, the Authorized Payer will not receive their password in the e-mail. The student must provide the initial password to the Authorized Payer and it can then be changed after initial log-in. This authorization can be revoked at any time by the student and does not give the Authorized Payer access to the Banner Self-Service account.
  5. User Preferences allows an Authorized Payer to update email information. Students are required to use their SUNY Poly email address. (Information on using your SUNY Poly email address can be found on the SUNY Poly webpage, using the “Current Students” tab).
  6. View Accounts allows students or authorized payers to access current account status, review current statements and past statements, and print hard copies of billing statements.
  7. Transaction History provides a list of all payments made to a QuikPay account.
  8. Make Payment should be selected to submit an online payment. Payments can be made using a Checking or Savings Account (e-Check), Debit Card or Credit Card. We currently accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

QuikPay cannot be used for enrollment in a Time Payment Plan. Please select the Time Payment Plan menu item from Banner Self-Service.

Partial payments cannot be made through QuikPay. If your account balance reflects more than one term, previous semesters must be paid through the appropriate menu item on Banner Self-Service, before full payments can be made for the current semester.

Payments not made through the appropriate Banner Self-Service menu will result in a delay in posting payments to your account.





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