Broad Based Fees Descriptions

College Fee
The College Fee is established by the Board of Trustees of the University of New York. It is a mandatory fee for each semester for both graduate and undergraduate students and is non-refundable.

Student Activity Fee
The Student Activity Fee provides the funding for activities sponsored for the students, under the direction of the students governing bodies. This is part of the Comprehensive Student Fee required for all students.

Intercollegiate Athletics Fee
The Intercollegiate Athletics Fee is a mandatory fee for all students. This fee provides funding to operate and sustain competitive intercollegiate athletics programs at the campus. It is not a fee for the use of athletic facilities by the students.

Health Service Fee
The Health Service Fee is a per credit hour fee used to support the operations of the Student Wellness Center: Health and Counseling Services. The Wellness Center is an important function to a residential college campus, but is not totally supported through state appropriation. The fee supplements the activities of the Student Wellness Center. The Wellness Center is open to all students – residential and commuters including both full- and part-time status.

Technology Fee
The Technology Fee is a mandatory fee for all students. This fee is used to upgrade, modify and make technological advances is classrooms and laboratories used by students.


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