Broad Based Fees Descriptions

Student Activity Fee
The Student Activity Fee provides the funding for activities sponsored for the students, under the direction of the students governing bodies. Waivers for the student activity fee can be directed to the Student Government for consideration.

Intercollegiate Athletics Fee
The Intercollegiate Athletics Fee is a mandatory fee for all students. This fee provides funding to operate and sustain competitive intercollegiate athletics programs at the campus and supports student services and opportunities such as the opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, community service initiatives, and educational programming for the entire campus to include intramural and fitness programs, exercise classes and PE courses.
Exceptions for this fee will be considered for students admitted to programs that are 100% online and who live more than 50 miles from campus. Extraordinary requests for exceptions can be made to the Director of Athletics.

Health Service Fee
The Health Service Fee is a per credit hour fee supporting the services provided by the Student Wellness Center. The Health Service fee supports all the operations of the Wellness Center, including medical, mental health counseling and health promotions, as well as mandatory Public Health Law immunization requirements for students. The Wellness Center is an important function to a residential college campus but also includes Tele-Medicine and Tele-Counseling services to online and commuter students. •SCTN-Student Tele-Counseling Network Program- is a bridging program providing psychiatry and counseling services including medication management for students who are experiencing psychological challenges. Counseling services have also been expanded to include QPR- a suicide prevention program (Question – Persuade – Refer). Each year, as a prevention initiative, the Wellness Center offers an on-campus flu vaccination clinic(s) in cooperation with community healthcare providers. Similar Health services are offered in the community, but SUNY Poly health service programs and services are focused on SUNY Poly students and may be available to you when community services may not be available or as a no cost option for services.
Exceptions for this fee will be considered for students admitted to programs that are 100% online and who live more than 50 miles from campus. Extraordinary requests for exceptions can be made to: Jo Ruffrage, Director of the Wellness Center.

Technology Fee
The Technology Fee is a mandatory fee for all students and supports technology support and service to students.This fee is used to upgrade, modify, and make technological advances is classrooms and laboratories used by students as well as the delivery of instruction through an online modality. The fee supports not only online instruction, but the campus technology infrastructure, in order to provide services to all students. It supports internet and email use, as well as student specific software purchases and licensing. We have begun the process to convert classrooms to incorporate the functionality of hyflex technology, with this additional technology it allows for hybrid modalities which benefits extend beyond social distancing currently required.  As an example, all business programs are now available online or on-campus, with this being a permanent change to the program delivery. We are in process of implementing Eduroam for students to have internet access when they are close to other participating SUNY campuses. There has been an upgrade to the core infrastructure in order to provide remote distancing learning opportunities that require VPN access, especially needed for the Computer Science and Network Computer Security programs. This is a non-refundable fee under ordinary circumstances.

Career Services Fee
The Career Services Fee is used to support students while on campus, as a recent graduate or in the future as a SUNY Poly Alumni. The fee supports the offices ability to provide internships, job search assistance, interview skills, and resume writing. This is a voluntary fee and can be waived upon written request to the Career Services office.

Course Fees
Certain courses require laboratory or course fees which range from $15 to $350 depending on the course. Refunds are generally available to students who officially withdraw from the College during the first week of the semester, drop the course during the first week or under other potential extraordinary circumstances approved by the President of SUNY Poly or designee.



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