Student Accounts/Bursar - Withdrawal Refunds

Students withdrawing from a course or courses incur the liabilities listed below according to the date of withdrawal.
Please note you must contact the Student Account's Office during normal business hours.
Students must contact the Registrar's Office directly to officially withdraw and drop the last course.
Current term withdrawal schedules can be found on the Academic Calendars page. 


Liability for tuition and fees is calculated at the time the student completes the official withdrawal process with the Registrar's Office. Simply not attending classes does not reduce or cancel liability.

Withdrawal Form

Notice to Students Receiving Federal Financial Aid (Direct Loan, Perkins Loans, PELL Grants and SEOG Grants):

Federal regulations stipulate that eligibility for aid payments is earned based on class attendance. If you withdraw from school prior to the end of the term, the unearned portion of your aid must be returned. Example: if you withdraw on the tenth day of a 100-day semester, you will be eligible to keep only 10% of your aid, and must return the other 90%. Your eligibility is NOT based on the amount of your liability for tuition and fees. Please consult the Financial Aid Office if you consider withdrawing at any point during the semester. If you have received a refund of any financial aid payment you may be required to return the money to SUNY Poly.


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